The Perfect Design

Is about Telling Your Story

You know what you want...or at least you have 100 Pinterest Boards....but somehow you just can't pull it all together.  You visit model homes, watch HGTV, all the while Pinning away and saving ideas on HOUZZ.  


I can give you the Inspiration, Creativity and Motivation . 3-D Visualization will help you envision your space.

Let's work Together to make it happen, so you can make your HOME everything you always DREAMED  but could not have ever imagined.

New Home

New Construction or Unfinished spaces

How to make your old stuff fit in a New Space? Floor Plan Layouts are Key to maximizing Flow and Design

Forever Home Custom

Redecorate or Remodel?

You're tired of the same old thing. Cosmetic or Structural Changes May be Just what you need!

Updated Refresh Design

Collaborative Design Dream

Several packages for you to collaborate and design your spaces -tailor made for you. Kitchens and Baths

Wendy G. Miller is the owner and Principal of WendMill Designs....but is truly the "Design Heart" of a team with her husband, D.R. Miller.  
Raised in the Midwest and transplanted to Maryland, Wendy graduated from Southern University of Illinois with a degree in Accounting. It was a career working for the largest retailer that prompted her need to create a restful retreat away from the high pressure demands of Corporate Finance. Home became both a safe place and source of creative inspiration. For over 20 years, she has learned to build, make or subcontract what was she needed and loves sharing that inspiration with others.
When they aren't working on a project, Wendy and Dave have been busy transforming their own "fixer upper" an 1898 barn home... since 2016.

 Working with WendMill Designs is easy and enjoyable. She is incredibly talented and it shows in how she can bring her visions to life! She is very quick to respond, listens to the needs of her client, and can bring together everything a room needs to look and function at its very best. An added bonus is that her husband is also a contractor and together they are a dream team! Highly recommend! 

Heather OBathroom RemodelGoogle Reviews

 Wendy is so attentive and insightful! She helps you establish realistic priorities and options. She is also fun and eases all worries about your design or decorating project no matter how big or small! I am loving working with her!!! 

Nancy SDesign and Color ConsultFacebook Reviews

 Wendy is not an ordinary designer, she is an artist with a unique ability to tap into her customer's personality and reflect it in their personal design concept. She is thoughtful and extremely professional. I never felt she discounted my ideas not matter how far fetched. I recommend her to anyone, regardless of style. Before I met Wendy I didn't feel that my house was anything special. I no longer feel that way. She has transformed my basic townhouse into my dream home and I am forever grateful 

Tiffany IWhole Home RenovationHouzz Reviews
Let’s Begin Collaborating
Above all else, I want to make sure my clients’ homes reflect their personality and style, never generic or basic.    The Discovery Call and Initial Design Consultation take place to obtain an understanding of what changes the client wants to make in their home and what currently isn’t working.  A recap of the items discussed is sent within 48 hours.
If you decide to move the project along, I will draft a design agreement for you which discusses our scope together and our rates as discussed above. Once you return the design agreement with your deposit,  I will get started on our design concept for your project.  
Design fees generally include:
Initial meeting and onsite visit to obtain measurements and photos, further information.
Creative Expertise and Design Creation
Preparing interior plans such as floor plans, elevations
Product sourcing and sample presentations virtually, retail or trade
Purchasing budget
This may include some interim meetings and communication along the way.
I will present my initial plans and ideas in a visually appealing format so you can envision your space through sketches, photos, storyboard and computer aided design.
One or two additional meetings, plus shopping trips, as required for the project.
Documentation of the design with drawings, a 3-D digital layout, specifications and textile samples.
 If you are purchasing furnishings through me, we will go through the quoting process and submit our pricing on individual items as decisions are made.
  • I can get quotes for you on purchases you wish to make through me.  If we're doing any custom work, like window treatments, upholstery, woodwork, cabinets etc., this is a process.
  • With a furnishings job, we typically charge 100% for the item at order unless there is an extraordinarily long lead time. Shipping is estimated based on our experience and taxes are included. The time spent tracking and coordinating everything that relates to those products are covered in the cost.
Procurement + Construction Services:  This can be optional if you want to hire another contractor and do the following yourself.    
  • Placing Orders on your behalf via Trade Sources
  • Order Tracking
  • Management of Receiving and Inspection, Product Assembly as needed
  • Problem Resolution
  • Storage and Delivery Arrangement
  • Communications with Contractor
  • Contractor Recommendations
  • Liase with Contractor on Design Directions
  • Ongoing Communication with Contractor
Billing and Design Fees
Depending on Budget and scope of work, I work on either a Flat Fee or Hourly rate.  An initial Design Consultation is required to begin the Design Process.   As a rule, I do not advise or offer opinions, so that I can completely devote my time to current clients.
A Flat Fee will be quoted based on a clear understanding of client and job scope. I require a portion of the fee, up front, to begin the process.   That fee is used as a retainer and will be applied to your final installment.   If I bill as a flat fee - It is usually 10% of the total remodel cost.   I bill as we complete certain phases of the project.  It will be billed at a point of substantial completion and payable immediately.   
My preference is to charge a fee as a percentage of the overall budget. Because design is a very obsessive thing for me, hourly rates do not make sense because the time I apply to a project is immeasurable.  A flat fee gives me that flexibility.  *For smaller jobs, such as a Room Refresh, I have service packages per room.  Those are paid upfront before we begin.  
However, when asked by some clients, I will work on an Hourly basis, in which I will charge at a rate of $125 per hour.   This charge includes every minute working on the project such as emails, texting, phone calls, troubleshooting, ordering, logistics, delivery/installation, meetings, shopping, designing/drafting, purchasing, procurement, driving, or sample returns as examples. My rule is to charge for any time that I touch that project.   
When visiting a project outside of Bel Air or showrooms in Baltimore, my time is billed at $75 per hour of drive-time. 
My goal is to remove the guesswork from the project, as well as to make things run smoothly. I provide my client with a clear understanding of the project’s protocol and fee structure, so that even a major renovation or re-design need not be a frustrating struggle. We will not only create beautiful and well-functioning spaces, you will avoid costly mistakes, and select products that meet budget requirements.
One-Time Consultations & Other Options
I welcome One-time consultations! I charge $300 for a consultation in your home and it is payable at the visit. I find that 1 hour for a one time consult works best.
Bundled Time with a Designer
In some cases, clients or projects may not be a good fit for my full service design work and in that case our initial consultation will set you up for success with your project. In that case, I offer some amazing packages that are a better fit for your goals. I am happy to provide Design Strategy Sessions in your home or Zoom at a rate of $495.
DESIGN BOARDS via Design Files
Below is an example of a Design Files Concept Board I created for a client. We begin with a comprehensive layout and then choose finishes or details. It is in 2D format allowing you to see all the components of the room, which also have links that you can purchase directly from.DESIGN CONCEPT
For anything with structural changes, not simply redecorating a space, renderings are a vital piece of the visual design and in gaining a more accurate budget.  These are extremely helpful in enabling clients to see the room.   They also serve as a verification that everything works proportionately and coordinated with the contractor.  Some clients use these plans to complete the work themselves or with another contractor.

Once I have determined the plan, I will gather all the quotes from the sub-contractors, furniture vendors, fabric vendors, wallpaper, lighting, and rugs so that when the plans are presented, all the known variables on pricing will be included. Consistent communication is key every step of the way to eliminate stress for all—especially YOU, the client. I update clients at the end of each week in a “Friday Follow Up” memo.
It would be a pleasure to add you to our growing list of clients. We do not advertise and continue to sustain our business through referrals and repeat customers. Your project would be an amazing opportunity for us
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